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We did it.

2016-01-19 22:23:55 by Wavepad

I logged in and saw this happen and I was full of joy.

The Road to Gold has been finished.

Special thanks to 

The Hitlist Leader


Couldn't have done it without him, the man behind all of the whistles.

The Hitlist Members 

@solitonmedic @spider @Hikar @NEOSLAYRE @Keisok @Skater@ChaingunSnake @ExodusTerminator @kirs10 @legomarios @etriuswimbleton @AfterburnerV@exedor @Radaketor @mad-spyke @DoctorStrongbad

Without you guys, the reviews probably wouldn't have been deleted. Thank you. I hope the best for all of your whistles.

Thank you @ChaingunSnake who showed me Psychopath's first new post full of reviews that gave me a huge boost to start the journey. 

HUGE SHOUTOUT to my friend @crankbait always PM'ing me the reviews before you sends them to the Hitlist that includes the one review mod who deletes everything before I could get there hehe. 


If you want you level up your whistle, go ahead and join the club. You know the leader, hit him up. 

Thank you everyone, and I hope everybody is having a wonderful day.